CLIMAPRESS opened its TDC (Transverse Duct Connector System)-type ducts factory in 1998 in order to optimize the assembling deadlines and improve the manufacturing quality as well as to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market related to sanitation and the tightness of the ducts. Likewise to the industrial market which requires big amounts of ducts within a deadline term not apt to be met by the conventional manufacturing system.

Since then CLIMAPRESS has been able to carry on works which demand a huge amount of ducts in a very short time such as happened to the TIM Call Center (110 tons of ducts), and to the expansion of the Michelin Plant in Rio de Janeiro (Jacarandá and Z Projects) which demanded around 230 tons of ducts (rectangular and circular).

CLIMAPRESS TDC ducts factory allows the guarantee of more agility, quality, and a shorter assembly term.

All ducts are manufactured in this factory unit composed of the following pieces of equipment:
  • Sizer

    Fed by 3 coils of up 8 tons of galvanized sheets, of which the function is to straighten, crease, perforate and cut the several excerpts of ducts by means of an automated program (CNC);
  • Lockformer

    Executar juntas longitudinais de peças retangulares e circulares;
  • Máquina de fechar rebordos (ilhargas)

    Crava e fecha as juntas;
  • TDC

    The ducts are manufactured by excerpts. The junction of these takes places only on site with a connection through flanges made of the sheet folding itself being this one of the main advantages of the TDC system. This assures the fencing between the excerpts.
  • Plasma cutting machine

    It cuts the sheets for the manufacturing of the rectangular and circular accessories, minimizing the losses. This machine is also activated by the CNC system.
  • Calandra

    Conformar a chapa para fabricação das peças circulares;
  • Frisadeira

    Executar as juntas transversais de peças circulares;

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