CLIMAPRESS benefits its employees with labor gymnastics which is the set of physical activities practices done in the workplace in order to let everyone from the staff or working force well-prepared for their daily work.

Stretching techniques are conducted, guided and supervised by a physical educator.

The aim of this activity is to improve the individual’s general physical condition: muscular, flexibility and physical conditioning. This set of activities results in a considerable reduction in the appearance of muscular tension, injuries due to repetitive effort (LER/DORT), ligament injuries, and physical and mental fatigue.

All these improvements benefit not only the employees and their health, but also the company because with these labor gymnastic activities, the company gains:

Benefits of the labor gymnastics:
  • It increases the employees’ productivity: firstly because the employee acquires better conditions to develop more and better his daily tasks, both mentally and physically.
  • It reduces working accidents considerably.
  • Making the environment a friendly place to work, strengthening the feeling of a team and the importance of each one in the group, reducing, this way, the employees’ turnover.
  • It prevents occupational diseases such as LER/DORT, which do not have a cure and can lead the employee to retirement,bringing damage to him and to the company as well.
  • It also improves the company’s image with the employee because he feels valued. It reduces the sleepy feeling during activities, corrects posture, increases disposition, among many other benefits.

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