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MOTOROLA - “A Prominent Work”
CLIMAPRESS enjoyed the privilege of making part of the building of the largest Motorola Business Campus in Latin America located in Jaguariúna city, São Paulo. Due to this work CLIMAPRESS was chosen Highlight of 1998 by SMACNA.

In order to meet the potential telecommunication market and with the facilities coming from the deregulation of the area, Motorola has chosen Brazil as its industrial basis in Latin America.

With a building area of 64,500 m², the place centralizes all the manufacturing operations of the company in the country.

The building makes use of the BMS (Building Management System) conception, a system which manages and controls, by means of software, all the activities for the operational maintenance of the plant.

The air conditioning system is fully automated providing the choice of customization to each working station and being remotely controlled. Yet it is environment friendly since it makes use of refrigerant gas R134a, not harmful to the ozone layer.

The present system also uses thermal-accumulation what allows a considerable economy of power. At the peak time, the chillers are turned off being replaced by the use of stored chilled water from a 2,900,000-liter storage tank.

The total capacity of the system is 2,400 tons. There were used 4 refrigerators of liquids with centrifugal compressors with unitary capacity of 600 tons, conditioning of modular type.

In this work, ducts of helicoidally type totaling 85,000 Kg were used besides conventional ducts totaling 95,000 Kg.

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